DLR Group Senior Associate Bill Carney.

  • Who: Bill Carney, design technology leader, DLR Group; Steven Burns, chief creative officer, BQE Software; Holly St. Clair, chief technology officer, Sasaki; Matthew Marani, program manager, The Architect’s Newspaper.
  • What: Digital Toolbox: Tracking Progress on the Cloud.
    It is a common refrain among architects, engineers, and contractors: too much time is spent combing through floorplans, building information models, and project tracking software. Is there a more straightforward, even intuitive, way to track projects as they progress from design to building? Panelists will show you how to apply the right digital toolboxes to your next project.
  • Where: TechPlus Rising Complexity
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  • When: Thursday, October 22 at 12:50 PM PT
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