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Denver, CO

Amy Hoffman



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  • Principal
Amy Hoffman
  • Principal

Since beginning her career in 1997, Amy has become a respected Interior Designer and Client Leader, primarily focused on creating custom workplace environments. Amy has established herself as an indispensable leader within the interiors department at DLR Group. Her deep portfolio shows her specialty of bringing artistic touches to workplace and retail projects, allowed by her formal arts education. Amy has developed a special expertise with technology clients such as CA Technologies, and corporate clients seeking to implement agile workplaces. Amy is a LEED Accredited Professional and an avid member of the Green Building Council. Her passion for sustainability allows her to bring a unique perspective to each project she encounters. 

“I sweat the small stuff. It’s how I can cross the finish line with my clients – and we’re both still smiling.” 

Amy is extensively involved in all aspects of programming, strategic planning, interior design, and document preparation. Her vast experience has provided her the knowledge and ability required to execute projects with technical efficiency, flexibility and a style that represents each clients’ vision. Beginning with the pre-design process, she collaboratively engages client stakeholders to build consensus around their vision for the future, develops thorough and detailed program documents to reflect their unique culture and work processes, and coordinates closely with the project team as the program and vision is translated into reality.