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Andrew Cupples



  • Architecture
  • Courts
  • Detention
  • Senior Principal
Andrew Cupples
  • Senior Principal

Andy is one of the most respected justice facility architects in the United States, recognized nationally and internationally for the design and planning of court, and correctional and detention facilities. He is a key member of DLR Group's Justice+Civic national team and leads international justice pursuits for the firm.

"I‘ve focused on public practice because I believe that architecture is art and science, and above all, a social science. Justice design can have a positive impact on people, how they act-how they feel-how they respond, and what better place to practice this way than in the public realm."

Andy has more than 35 years of experience working with clients at the federal, state, and municipal level, and extensive experience in California and the West Coast.

"As I advance in my career, the words of Bill Caudill, FAIA, resonant with me more and more every day. ‘Not many of us reach the last stage of development – professional maturity. It should be our goal. More important than drawings, more important than photographs, more important than experiencing new buildings, this stage carries the architect to a higher humanistic level – the personal commitment that architecture is for people (not for architects), that buildings are to be used, that architecture must transcend art to fulfill human needs physically, emotionally, and intellectually.""