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Chicago, IL

Benjamin Talbot



  • Energy Services
  • Engineering
  • Principal
Benjamin Talbot
  • Principal

"Working to improve the energy efficiency of buildings is my passion."

Today’s HVAC systems have vast amounts of data streaming from sensors to controllers on each piece of equipment, to building automation systems that supervise all of the HVAC information available in a building. As a professional mechanical engineer with experience in HVAC design and energy modeling, Ben applies his system troubleshooting experience to uncover deep energy savings through the commissioning, retro-commissioning, monitoring-based commissioning process.

"The future of sustainable design will depend on improvements in so many areas, from selecting sustainable materials to incorporating passive design to improving energy efficiency as well as improving design integration of renewable energy sources."

Ben is well versed in various commissioning services provided through utility incentive programs across the Central Region. By leveraging building automation system historical data and functional testing of HVAC equipment, Ben can find the root cause of HVAC issues or inefficiencies. He works with owners and contractors to implement solutions and ensure buildings continue to operate efficiently.