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Dallas, TX

Bobby Sundmaker


  • Architecture
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Bobby  Sundmaker

Bobby is a business development leader focused on the firm’s Workplace studio. Based in Dallas, he is responsible for creating, building, activating, and managing mutually beneficial relationships with clients across the country. He focuses his efforts on learning about each client's unique needs, and then works to create teams that can provide innovative, sustainable solutions.

“I love being part of a process that touches emotions, and rewards all participants in different ways. Whether it is the rejuvenation felt from the team in their new functional space, new talent drawn to the inspiring environment, or upper management that witnesses an increase in productivity, not many industries can have such a powerful impact on the work environment.”

Inquisitive by nature, Bobby believes in the power of unique story-telling and authenticity. There is no script to follow. It all starts with showing that you care about your client from the outset. While a successful project is the ultimate reward in forming the right connection, often a casual interaction or second degree of separation can lead to an opportunity to help and, in the process, win new business. 

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