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Chicago, IL

Bonnie Sanborn

  • Associate
Bonnie Sanborn
  • Associate

"When I plan educational facilities, I love to create makerspaces, STEM, or other hands-on learning spaces. I was that kid who always needed to get my hands on an object, or get out in the mud and experiment, before I felt like I fully understood a lesson.”

Based in the firm’s Chicago studio, Bonnie is a design researcher and space planner. She supports integrated design teams by providing evidence-based design guidelines and translational research to assist clients in developing their own guiding principles and standards.

Bonnie’s expertise benefits DLR Group’s global K-12 Education practice by shedding light on the connections between the study of human nature and its impact on educational success. Her background in social science research and psychology helps her see clients through a different lens, working collaboratively with them to uncover facility needs and motivations for teaching and learning spaces.

"I'm fascinated by people, and I want to contribute to designs that improve the human experience. The best design process I can envision is human-centered, inclusive, interdisciplinary, and supported by cutting-edge research.”

Bonnie holds evidence-based design accreditation from the Center for Health Design, and is certified in Social, Environmental, and Economic Design (SEED) by the Public Interest Design Institute.

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