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Los Angeles, CA

Brett Hobza



  • Architecture
  • K-12 Schools
  • Senior Principal
Brett Hobza
  • Senior Principal
"The fundamental form of a school has changed little in the last 130 years. What we are exploring today as school designers is completely redirecting the course for future generations of designers, and forever transforming school architecture. May our protégés bring about the extinction of double-loaded corridors!"

Brett leads the K-12 Education Studio in California and collaborates with design teams in Los Angeles, Riverside, Sacramento, and San Francisco for the planning, design, and modernization of K-12 schools. He joined DLR Group in 1989 and has led the design of educational spaces that elevate learning for thousands of students every day.

He began his DLR Group career in Phoenix, where he was a key member on project teams for schools and educational facilities across dozens of school districts in Arizona, including Coronado High School and the Phoenix School for the Deaf. He relocated to Los Angeles in 2010, and leads the firm's K-12 practice in California. His recent work includes the modernization master plan for Beverly Hills High School, the Jordan High School modernization, and the innovative design for the new Compton High School.

"It's rewarding to see the positive impact of school design on students and teachers. We are in an exciting era where the design of schools is tailored for student-centered environments that allows full engagement in the learning process. Design is driven by brain science, new technologies, and strives to create an environment that facilitates the collaboration that students will experience in the workplace. I enjoy exploring opportunities to create innovative learning environments with districts who are hungry for facilities that can set our next generation of leaders on a course for success."

Brett is an advocate for the invisible integration of safety features into school facilities such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, a framework of design measures that, when incorporated into school design, provide passive deterrence without hardened methods that can be unwelcoming. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for safe school designs, many factors drive the creation of a safety plan, including the most frequent behavioral issues, community factors, and parental involvement. Brett believes that with proper planning, schools can be safe and secure, and simultaneously welcoming, inviting learning environments.