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Phoenix, AZ

Brian Hummel



  • Engineering
  • K-12 Schools
  • Senior Associate
Brian Hummel
  • Senior Associate

In 1990, Brian was one of the first mechanical engineers hired to build out the engineering team in Phoenix. Brian is a key leader of the firm's mechanical engineering practice and a respected mentor. He has contributed his expertise to a vast number of projects, focusing heavily on the K-12 sector.

"Many times the best ideas come after reviewing an issue and coming to a standstill on a resolution. Then just let your mind subconsciously work through options. The best solution will rise to the surface and become the obvious solution."

His experience includes design of central plant systems, chilled water, control system specifications, evaporative cooling systems, thermal storage systems, and energy study reports/calculations. His project work enhances the education environment for thousands of students every day at dozens of schools including Betty Fairfax High School, Agua Fria High School, and Cocopah Middle School.

Brian's Projects