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Portland, OR

Carla Weinheimer



  • Architecture
  • Civic
  • Courts
  • Principal
Carla Weinheimer
  • Principal
"I love helping clients see how facility design concepts help inform and shape client operational and program goals. I love it when a client's eyes light up and they get excited because the project design is so much better than they imagined it could be."

Carla is a project leader in Oregon and the greater Pacific Northwest, leading design teams in the planning, programming, and delivery of projects for clients at the federal, state, and county level.

"The first designer I worked with told me, 'focus on the quality of the project design; don't dwell on the difficulties of the process. If the building is designed well and loved by its users, no one will remember the bumps on the path.' I use that advice to this day."

Carla has more than 30 years of specialized experience and is recognized nationally for her expertise in managing large-scale, alternative delivery, public-sector projects including courts, detention, police, and city hall facilities.