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Cleveland, OH

Chris Loeser



  • Architecture
  • Performing Arts
  • Principal
Chris Loeser
  • Principal

“I learn something every day from working with a diverse group of talented professionals.”

Chris is a member of the National Performing Arts Studio with specialized expertise in the restoration of historic theaters. Chris has worked closely with Cleveland’s Playhouse Square on a number of projects, including the renovation and expansion of the Allen Theatre and the restoration of the Ohio Lobby.

He considers the restoration of the Ohio Lobby as one of his most rewarding projects. He was a vital part of the team tasked with recreating the historic lobby destroyed by a fire. Combing through original building drawings and photographs, the team was able to reconstruct the iconic architecture.

“This accomplishment defies the opinion that one can’t construct buildings like that anymore.”

Chris believes that architecture in the future will be focused on meeting the increasingly stringent demand for energy efficient design solutions

Chris' Projects