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Christina Kruise


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Christina Kruise
“Entering a cultural and performing arts facility should have the feeling of excitement and anticipation that comes with making a new discovery; but that discovery can only be made if time and effort have been put into sound business planning.”

Christina is a business operations and fundraising specialist based in New York City. Her natural curiosity and lifelong love for the arts led Christina to a career focused on development and planning for cultural facilities, working to ensure these spaces are equitable, accessible, inclusive, and representative of the communities in which they exist. An experienced practitioner, Christina has a deep understanding of the forces and trends at work in the arts and cultural sector, and how these elements impact the choices being made for a facility. She appreciates how the nuances of each project and client require individualized attention and care to arrive at the best solution.

“I have always been fascinated by how the design of a space works to modify human behavior.  I particularly love when the subtleties of those efforts are exposed, and new uses or behaviors are discovered.”

Christina works directly with arts leadership on everything from facility and capital campaign feasibility studies to business planning, grant writing, and facility right-sizing. Christina spent a portion of her graduate studies in Belgrade, Serbia, which greatly informed her work in helping ensure arts facilities can be open and active for generations. When not at a performance, she enjoys going on walking tours of New York City, visiting new cultural venues, or attending any number of Architecture League of New York events.