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Des Moines, IA

Christopher Osore



  • Architecture
  • Higher Education
  • Principal
Christopher Osore
  • Principal

"It's my ethos that we live in an era of instantaneous service and delivery. However, community pursuits and programs very rarely produce immediate results. It takes a level of patience and persistence to see things through to their completion."         

Chris is dedicated to designing learning spaces to enhance learning and student achievement. He has a deep portfolio of K-12 and higher education experience and leads DLR Group's Higher Education practice in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. In this role he is a member of the national Higher Education leadership team, collaborating with other experts to set the firm's Higher Education strategy.          

He also is a talented client leader, involved in all phases of a project. He facilitates communication between DLR Group integrated teams and clients to ensure design, development, and construction to deliver a building that delivers the overall project goals. Chris embraces technology and is skilled at developing design concepts through 3D visualization.  This allows in-depth discussions with clients on design direction, promoting iterative design development and integrated design process delivery.           

"My parents immigrated to Florida in the late 1960s from Kenya and I was fortunate to be immersed in several diverse cultures through the years. Between spending my formative years in Florida, moving to England in my early teens, and spending time in Rome while in college, I have had the opportunity to learn from others about the value of inclusion."

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