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Seattle, WA

Dan Luzius



  • Engineering
  • K-12 Schools
  • Principal
Dan Luzius
  • Principal

"What comes out of an integrated design project is nothing short of amazing. The process really allows me to push the envelope with both systems integration and sustainability."

Dan is a BIM Manager as well as mechanical engineer with expertise in K-12 education projects. As an active member of ASHRAE and ASPE, he is continually updated on the newest technologies that allow him to bring more than just “comfort” to the classroom. He strives to provide an environment that not only offers a healthy space, but also provides a system that promotes and encourages learning in the classroom.

Dan is very detail-oriented and has design experience spanning pre-design through construction administration. He is great at working with the client and the architect to ensure proper system design is achieved based on client needs. His BIM expertise allows him to design better overall mechanical systems, as well as enables him to identify potential issues early in the design phase. Dan is skilled at maintaining contractor relations to ensure that the systems designed are the systems that get built.

"BIM has become a key piece of technology in the AEC profession. The industry has changed immensely as a result and I’m excited to be part of a BIM future."

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