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Cleveland, OH

Dana Foerster



  • Architecture
  • Healthcare
  • Senior Associate
Dana Foerster
  • Senior Associate

Dana is an instrumental member of the Healthcare Studio. He was a leader of the design team for the Cleveland Clinic’s expansion of Hillcrest Hospital, the Twinsburg Family Health and Surgery Center, and the Avon Inpatient Bed Tower.

He is skillful at investigating and conveying design intent at various stages of the design process. Dana utilizes an array of 2D and 3D software and tools for diagrams, imagery, and crafted physical scale models. Current investigations encompass the development and application of building information modeling within an integrated project delivery model.

Dana believes his best ideas typically come to him in the reflective calm following flurry of creative collaboration and feedback.

“A global design leader creatively leverages diverse outlooks and experiences to enhance the built environment.”


Dana's Projects