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Seattle, WA

Daniel Murray



  • Architecture
  • K-12 Schools
  • Workplace
  • Senior Associate
Daniel Murray
  • Senior Associate
"I'm fascinated by how things connect. Whether a small consumer product (yes, I've taken my iPhone apart), a piece of furniture, a space plan, or an entire building, there's a story to be told by how all the pieces come together. The connections, and how they're expressed – or concealed – define the final experience of the design."

As a designer, Dan believes in the importance of process. He approaches his work as an explorational problem solver, with passion for well-considered ideas in direct response to client needs and opportunities. As an architect, Dan looks closely at details, and prefers to work closely with the contractor to identify any constructability questions early and then refine the solution to allow for effective craftsmanship in construction.

Passion for process and detail have led Dan to research the role that emerging technologies can play in design and construction. His research and exploration has included digital modeling and digital fabrication methods for accuracy and cost-effectiveness in achieving complex forms in architecture, interiors, and FF&E. He has also been exploring 3D printing and its value in early design collaboration with clients, and rapid prototyping of design ideas.

"I love getting to work with clients who are excited about the spaces they work in. We all spend a lot of time at work, so helping create the best experience for those hours of the day is really compelling and rewarding."

Dan's recent work includes collaborating with Google to design an engaging workplace environment to support a culture of agile teaming, ideation through "informal collisions" between Googlers, and unique spatial themes to attract and retain the world's best software engineers. His experience also includes partnering with the student body at the Evergreen State College to transform a defunct 1960s building into a LEED Gold-certified student activities building. He also helped Boeing to achieve cultural change through an AIA award-winning series of cafes and amenity improvements in the aviation leader's Everett factory building.

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