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Seattle, WA

Dave Giamalis



  • Civic
  • Engineering
  • K-12 Schools
  • Senior Associate
Dave  Giamalis
  • Senior Associate

David is a registered electrical engineer with a broad range of experience in multi-market sectors, from education to civic to workplace clients across the country. He enjoys working shoulder-to-shoulder with teams to connect the dots of design from the electrical engineering perspective, resulting in efficient, holistic solutions all aimed to improve the lives of the end-user and the surrounding community.

"The end goal of design should always be to improve the experience of the building occupants, regardless of whether the design is bleeding edge or industry standard. A good design will impress an individual once, but an excellent design will impress an individual for their life into the future."

That design philosophy, with an eye toward the future, was the inspiration for one of David’s favorite projects, Pathfinder Kindergarten Center in Mukilteo, Washington, where the design team worked not only to meet the needs of faculty and staff, but also to inspire a five-year-old student to learn.  The result was a building that catered to multiple end-users within one cohesive design.

Dave's Projects