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Phoenix, AZ

David Anderson



  • Civic
  • Engineering
  • K-12 Schools
  • Principal
David Anderson
  • Principal

David is a passionate champion of sustainable design with experience in a range of building types including courts, detentions, higher education, hospitality, K-12 schools, and sports. As a mechanical engineering discipline leader, he manages the workflow and production of projects in addition to providing clients with clear descriptions of the inner workings and sustainable benefits of mechanical systems. 

"I almost went to college for architecture, but went into engineering for the diversity of options and design opportunities. Now I get the best of both disciplines at the best A/E firm in the world." 

Due to the integrated nature of DLR Group, David collaborates with the design team to deliver energy efficient HVAC equipment that is appropriately sized, while meeting all occupant needs. David oversees system designs focused on the owner’s goal: saving energy costs. He believes buildings should perform with maximum efficiency at a minimal cost to the owner. 

“Let’s integrate our designs to keep the construction cost appropriate and save energy dollars.” 

Fireside Elementary, a near net-zero school in Phoenix, AZ, is one project in which David assisted in minimizing energy consumption. Alongside the architectural design team, he performed a life-cycle cost analysis on four mechanical systems proposed for the school. David led the team in choosing the system that provided the greatest benefit to the school, helping the client find solutions that work both in terms of energy efficiency and cost.

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