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Phoenix, AZ

David Schmidt



  • Architecture
  • K-12 Schools
  • Principal
David Schmidt
  • Principal

David is a member of the Phoenix K-12 studio. He has practiced his entire career in Arizona, working on a range of project types from civic, to high-end residential, hospitality, senior living, and medical. He is a native of Phoenix and a graduate of Arizona State University, receiving a bachelor of science in design and a master of architecture degree.

"Buildings will continue to become more energy efficient but the future is how they fit into a urban community. This would likely start with zones that are designated as shared infrastructure areas. Sharing could induce pockets of density and include heating and cooling, cogeneration, ridesharing, and more. This requires thinking beyond the property lines and involves more than just our client."

Today, David works with school districts throughout Phoenix and the state of Arizona. His broad base of experience enables him to intimately understand the challenges of his K-12 clients at the local community level.

David's Projects