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Denver, CO

Dave Swanson



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  • Senior Associate
Dave Swanson
  • Senior Associate

As a project manager for DLR Group’s Lab Planning Team, Dave sees his role as an advocate for the scientists, researchers and others who use lab environments. His clients typically spend long hours in relentless pursuit of the next big idea, often for the betterment of humanity, and Dave and his team believe these individuals deserve spaces that support their amazing aspirations. He works with multiple design teams across all market sectors to create integrated solutions through planning, programming, and design of analytical and clinical laboratories and modern research environments. 

“I love designing labs because it allows me to work with clients who may not have a particularly design-oriented mind. This is my opportunity to foster that creative spirit in others to achieve the best solution and bring out the designer within us all.”

Seeing the big picture and purpose of lab design, Dave is mindful of the importance of these facilities to deliver services and processes that change the world for the better. This has included labs that ensure our food sources are not contaminated (FDA); physical measurement labs to ensure consumers pay for the exact amount of gas they pump (Colorado Department of Agriculture); DNA labs to help solve crimes more quickly; and electromagnetic measurement labs to ensure our 5G networks function properly. 

In addition to design and planning work, Dave has shared his lab knowledge at the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) conferences and events.