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Seattle, WA

Diana Brown



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  • Senior Associate
Diana Brown
  • Senior Associate

As a Project Manager for DLR Group, Diana focuses on improving the functionality and efficiency of the design delivery process. Her strong organizational and leadership skills ensure success throughout the life of the project. She is an advocate for making the users, owner and public feel included in the design process with clear communication that everyone can understand. A passionate supporter of integrated design, she uses her engineering background to create a synergy between all disciplines throughout the design process.

"I love that my role as project manager allows me to synchronize the diverse talents of our team to meet the owner’s project goals."

Diana's recent experience includes working with Marysville School District for the design of Marysville Getchell Campus. She collaborated with Boeing in its internal mission to increase daily interactions between design, engineering, and manufacturing professionals by creating signature café and informal collaboration spaces within the high-bay structures of the company's existing Washington manufacturing facilities. She also worked with Tillamook Bay Community College to engage students and visitors in the college's and regional heritage by using exposed timber structure to establish a clear sense of place.