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Minneapolis, MN

Greg Hollenkamp



  • Architecture
  • Mixed-Use
  • Senior Principal
Greg Hollenkamp
  • Senior Principal
"Design in your mind before reaching for the bumwad."

Greg is an award-winning architect with a focused expertise in the retail, mixed-use, and workplace markets. He has led design and development for multiple projects domestically and internationally, with extensive experience in the Asia market. This can be seen in his work leading all of DLR Group's ongoing work for the expansion and renovations at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. In addition, Greg is also intricately involved in large-scale design projects in China.

Greg is accomplished in both new construction and planning complex renovations of large-scale existing buildings and retail centers to reposition these venues for new audiences. He has significant experience leading design through user groups, municipal planning commissions, and regulatory agencies to successfully deliver projects for owners.

"It is my experience that the triple bogie is a great judge of character."

Greg's Projects