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Sacramento, CA

Ivy Glasgow



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Ivy Glasgow
  • Principal

Ivy is a licensed architect and a LEED Accredited Professional. She has practiced extensively in Sacramento and her experience includes a variety of project types and delivery methods, from bridging documents to design/build to CM at risk, CM multiple prime, negotiated GMP, and traditional design/bid/build.

"I learn something new every single day. My career is never boring; there are always new challenges to look forward to and novel problems to be solved. I'm inspired to keep up with the rapid advances in technology and design."

Ivy's approach to integrated design uses the DLR Group VALUES approach to evaluate sustainable design options, as well as energy studies and audits to produce efficient, effective building and system solutions.

"Design is moving towards a regenerative paradigm. Human interventions can create permanent improvements for the surrounding environment instead of sustaining or degrading it. My goal is to help clients embrace environmentally beneficial solutions that will be best for their project, their organization, and the planet."