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Chicago, IL

Jake Davis



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Jake Davis
  • Principal

Jake is a recognized expert in the design of public safety facilities. He collaborates with clients to design sustainable, flexible facilities that meet the changing needs of local communities. He has successfully filled the role of business development leader, client leader, and project manager to program and design a variety of public safety and justice building types across nine states.

"Jake understands that communities must receive a return on the investment made in public facilities. He understands how to build consensus and get large, multi-functional justice center projects moving forward." DLR Group Senior Principal David Boehm

Jake managed the design of the first LEED Gold police facility in the United States and integration of sustainable design into public safety facilities is a hallmark of his career. His design ensures that energy savings, resource reuse, and robust daylighting and indoor environmental quality are incorporated into highly functional law enforcement facilities to meet the specialized needs of all users.

"‘A police facility with beautiful architecture, but no understanding of police function, is a failure, as is one that cannot perform its functions profitably. A design that manages to do both is the truest form of success.' My first mentor in this business told me that and I value it to this day."