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Denver, CO

John Weiskopf



  • Engineering
  • K-12 Schools
  • Principal
John Weiskopf
  • Principal

John is a talented structural engineer who leads the engineering team in Colorado. In 2008, he joined DLR Group in Kansas City where he led the office's structural engineering practice. In 2012, he moved to Denver to build an integrated engineering practice for Colorado clients. He is an award-winning professional with experience in the hospitality, K-12 education, sports, and workplace markets. 

John is an advocate for integrated design which he defines as comprehensive, intelligent, and timely design with all stakeholders involved to produce the best possible design product. John works on integrated design teams across the firm. Example of his work at DLR Group includes Pinnacle Bank Arena, Fayetteville High School modernization, the new Joplin High School, and HYATT Place in San Jose.

"I am passionate about my profession. Every day presents the opportunity to design and build something great."

John's Projects