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Washington, D.C.

Roger Chang

PE, LEED Fellow


  • Energy Services
  • Engineering
  • Museums
  • Principal
Roger Chang
  • Principal

“I enjoy the relationships we develop with other engineers, architects, and clients that carry beyond an individual project."

Roger envisions the continued use of technology in all facets of design through construction and operations. He believes we will utilize data more seamlessly to efficiently deliver projects that are both environmentally and fiscally responsible.

Roger is a passionate proponent of environment stewardship. He feels we must lead by example to deliver environmentally responsible buildings, even with the toughest design challenges and constraints. He is adamant that design teams follow up with projects after they are completed for the essential feedback required to measure performance.

“I believe that our employee-owners have a greater sense of connection to the work they do, which results in a better quality design and less concern over external pressures getting in the way of positive outcomes.”

The best piece of advice Roger ever received came from his first mentor, the managing principal of a 20,000-person engineering firm, who promoted the concept of mentoring. He taught Roger that mentoring is a powerful relationship that helps you shape another person’s career and allows you to discover your own passions in the process.

"Mentoring can take many forms, from one-on-one discussions over coffee, to presentations to a group of 500.”