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Phoenix, AZ

Kascey Haslanger


  • Architecture
  • Performing Arts
  • Senior Associate
Kascey Haslanger
  • Senior Associate
“We're enabling art to be created and seen. Our clients are passionate about getting the best possible outcome for their staff and audiences—and so are we.”

Kascey’s experience includes specialized theatrical design for educational facilities, performing arts centers, athletic arenas, hospitality venues, houses of worship, and television studios. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theater design and production from Viterbo University. She remains active in freelance theater and corporate event production to stay abreast of live event production practices and equipment, most notably for the Arizona Cardinals.  Her primary focus as a freelance professional is lighting design and programming.

Kascey has worked on many sides of theatrical venue design, working for a manufacturer, installer, as an end user, and now as part of the Innovative Technology Design Group (ITDG) within DLR Group.  Leveraging the knowledge gained from working in different capacities within the industry, it is always her goal to look at a problem from all sides to find a solution.

“A collaborative environment is formed through fostering a sense of community, regular interaction, and time.”

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