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Phoenix, AZ

Katrina Leach



  • Architecture
  • Higher Education
  • K-12 Schools
  • Senior Associate
Katrina Leach
  • Senior Associate

"Whether I'm sketching a concept or doodling, there's a part of the brain that is released when I put pen to paper.  I'm a product of the digital age and I use technology to its fullest, but nothing beats a napkin sketch to get the creative juices going."

As an architectural designer, Katrina has worked on a range of building types at DLR Group. Her creativity and problem solving allows her to engage in design meetings with fresh ideas and develop architectural concepts that incorporate functional planning and goals for clients in a variety of markets.

Katrina acts as a facilitator in the design process and works closely with team members from all disciplines to ensure a comprehensive project that is on schedule and within budget.

"Collaboration and coordination are critical in integrated design.  It may be easier to work individually in a vacuum, but the best solutions interweave all disciplines – from the consultants to the engineers and architects to the contractor."

Katrina's Projects