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Washington, D.C.

Kenneth Jandura



  • Architecture
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  • Principal
Kenneth Jandura
  • Principal

Ken is recognized nationally for his expertise in the planning and design of courthouses, correctional facilities, law enforcement facilities, and government centers. He is based in Washington, D.C., and has served clients at the federal, state, and county levels, as well as provincial agencies in Canada and the Cayman Islands.

"My passion is not just to develop innovative designs, but also to communicate the ideas behind them, the knowledge to make them, and—of course—the benefits they bring to the justice community. I love the challenge of re-inventing myself over and over, and to never be afraid to color outside the lines."

Ken has led design teams in planning, programming, and delivery of more than seven million square feet of court facilities with more than 400 courtrooms, representing a total construction value of over $2.2 billion.

"My favorite DLR Group project is the Wayne Morse U.S. Courthouse in Eugene, Oregon. It takes an iconic American structure and reinterprets it into a modern structure while still emphasizing the symbolism of our democratic system in a creative way."