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Portland, OR

Kent Larson



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Kent Larson
  • Principal

"Architects are integrators by nature. The challenge and opportunity is to understand and integrate evolving technologies into building now, and in the future."

Kent is one of DLR Group's most skilled and experienced project managers. He has built a reputation for attention to detail in constructability, and for his ability to work with contractor and consultant team members for efficient project delivery. Kent is passionate about the art and science of how buildings are put together. As a champion of integrated design and project delivery, Kent works with owner, client, designer, and contractor team members as design partners.

I'm interested in how the world is put together, the history of science, the future of technology, the way architecture changes and the way it stays the same. I am fascinated by engineering as well as architecture and I strive to learn from and assist my engineering team members. A project is not successful unless we’re all successful in what we contribute.ʺ

Kent was a key project manager for the Wayne. L. Morse United States Courthouse for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). DLR Group's integrated design and delivery of the Morse Courthouse was so efficient that the GSA made it a case study in how to carry out integrated approaches. He also worked with the Oregon Department of Corrections to design and build the multi-custody Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, and collaborated with the City of Happy Valley to design a new City Hall that provides the community with facilities balancing civic transparency, secure administration, and structural strength for emergency operations in the event of a disaster.


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