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Phoenix, AZ

Larry Smith


  • Architecture
  • Courts
  • Detention
  • Principal
Larry Smith
  • Principal

Larry is a detention design expert with more than 35 years of experience designing civic, justice, and public safety building types. His experience includes design for police stations and shared police-sheriff training facilities, 911 communication centers, crime labs, fire stations, county jails, state prisons, and municipal and state courts. He has also provided design services for several Native American community public safety complexes and U.S. Federal Government agencies. He is currently the project manager of a new 500-bed maximum security prison for the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Larry is a recognized expert in the design of the security electronics as well as detention hardware. That expertise was recently put to use in completing a statewide security assessment for all of New Mexico's prisons.

"Larry is a great communicator, calm and able. He gives me confidence that things will be all right and maps a clear path forward to the goal. I would like to be more like that." – DLR Group Principal Karl Derrah

Larry's Projects