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San Francisco, CA

Laura Dulski



  • Architecture
  • Housing
  • Mixed-Use
  • Principal
Laura Dulski
  • Principal

“Design can enhance people’s lives. It should seamlessly combine both art and science; ideally falling on a continuum between the two. Architecture is for people; it would not exist without them.”

Laura is a passionate advocate for environmental stewardship. As a LEED accredited professional, Laura is a champion for sustainable design in the firm and assists project teams in integrating sustainable solutions on projects throughout California. She is dedicated to independently researching environmental issues, and takes great pride in applying this to her designs. Laura’s strong organizational and interpersonal skills make her a stellar leader of project teams and coordinator with consultants and clients.

“Buildings are interruptions to the natural world, therefore thought has to be given to environmental stewardship as part of the process. People should work with the environment – not against it.””

Laura has designed and managed a variety of projects throughout her career, from the programmatic stages of design through budgeting and construction administration, with specialized expertise in Multifamily Housing, Special Needs Schools, and Mixed-Use projects. Her experience also includes design of Institutional, Transportation, and Healthcare facilities.

Laura's Projects