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Dallas, TX

Linda Mann



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  • Principal
Linda Mann
  • Principal

“I like to ask clients, ‘What’s your wish list?’ From there, I can bring solutions to the table that they might not have thought they could afford or implement within their new space.”

Linda believes you have to be a curious problem solver and investigate. She’s not scared to open a wall with a sledge hammer to find out what may impede the project. She is a well-known expert on BOMA, conducts BOMA seminars, and focuses on LEED education and sustainable design solutions.

“I love being a coach: walking my clients through the why’s of a project and reassuring them this is enough space or this detail will look like this, helping them to visualize success.”

Linda develops the confidence and trust of her clients and maintains strong lasting relationships. She has served as Master Juror for National Council for Interior Design Qualification exam and is involved with the Interior Design Advisory Board at her alma mater, Texas Christian University.