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Seattle, WA

Lori Coppenrath



  • Courts
  • Detention
  • Planning
  • Principal
Lori Coppenrath
  • Principal

Lori is a Justice+Civic planning expert responsible for programming and planning public safety centers, courts, police and sheriff stations, dispatch centers, prisons, jails and facilities support spaces.

Lori works with stakeholders early in the design process to define needs and specific operational functions. Her process explores these individually, first to make sure that all user needs are being met, and then holistically to understand working relationships, interdependencies, and opportunities to increase operational and staff effectiveness. Lori's planning and ongoing collaboration with project designers ensures that the program goals remain intact through construction.

Lori's recent work includes close collaboration with South Correctional Entity (SCORE) to create a new 802-bed jail to meet the detention needs of seven local communities in Washington. Her planning expertise helped create an AIA award-winning, humane detention environment at a per-bed cost of approximately half of other jail facilities within its region. Lori's experience also includes recent work with the Oregon and Washington departments of corrections to create facilities providing secure conditions with reduced staffing levels, and partnering with the City of Everett to design its new courthouse.

"The best thing about my job is working with my client to really understand how a building can support users in what they do every day. Through planning, I aim to find ways the project can not only benefit a community, but also, one that shows the people who work in the building they are valued."