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Denver, CO

Maggie Flickinger

Assoc. AIA


  • Workplace
  • Principal
Maggie Flickinger
  • Principal

Maggie Flickinger is DLR Group’s National Marketing Manager focusing on the Workplace sector.  Professional experience in humanistic management and collective organizational models, along with formal architectural education, gives Maggie unique insight into the power of workplace design. Intrigued by the concept of scale jumping, Maggie finds common threads that appeal to and benefit both the individual employee and the enterprise as a connected machine.

As a National Marketing Manager, Maggie focuses on identifying the unique stories and solutions behind DLR Group’s workplace design services and executing strategic communications. These communications connect DLR Group with startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500s who are seeking to transform their work environments. This includes internal and external communications, media management, and the coordination of Workplace Marketing resources nationwide. In this role, Maggie also enjoys working with the Global Workplace Leader and the National Workplace Business Development Leader to define and execute Group business planning initiatives and financial plans.

"The most exciting thing happening in the AEC profession now is the emergence of data-driven design paired with a resurgence of the value of the human touch.  The balancing of tactile and digital influences will be the hallmark of successful design in the 21st century.”

Maggie currently sits on DLR Group’s Workplace and Marketing Forums, platforms for the cross-pollination of best ideas from leaders across the firm. Fueled by a personal passion for elevating the profession of AEC Marketing, she founded a monthly internal cooperative training program that reinforces both technical and creative acumen.

“For me, design inspiration comes experientially: a new city, restaurant, mountain, or friend represents a treasure trove of design ideas…if you’re open to listening!”

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