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Sacramento, CA

Mark Covington



  • Architecture
  • K-12 Schools
  • Principal
Mark Covington
  • Principal
“Schools are the backbone of our communities. They act as one of the greatest influences on our youth to choose a productive path in life, which ultimately contributes to a better world.”

As a senior project manager in the K-12 Education Studio, Mark leads design teams serving educators, learners, and communities across Northern California. He has dedicated his career to the planning, design, and management of school facilities, and he brings unique insights into the inner workings of school districts. Mark previously served as executive facilities director for multiple school districts in the greater Sacramento area, a role that allows him to better understand and assist clients in effectively determining their facility goals, needs, and constraints.

Mark’s commitment to education and enriching the student experience has shaped his approach to client interaction and design decisions, where his aim is to arrive at collective solutions, giving every stakeholder a voice in the design process.

“I love being directly involved in creating a school where a student wants to attend, where parents want to send their kids, and where educators can use their classrooms as vital teaching tools.”