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Washington, D.C.

Matthew Davitt



  • Architecture
  • Civic
  • Senior Associate
Matthew Davitt
  • Senior Associate

Matt has extensive expertise in the design of DLR Group’s Civic and International projects. He is responsible for streamlining the design process, as well as managing some of the firm's most challenging projects.

“I enjoy being part of a team composed of a wildly diverse group of experts, from design specialists to facilities personnel to building trade contractors, all pushing, pulling, and struggling to advance an idea into reality.”

Raised in Dallas, Matt spent his academic and early professional career in various locations across the country. He brings a unique perspective to DLR Group, as his past experience ranges from a small, three-person design office to mid-sized and large architecture firms. Matt’s work and management style today speaks directly to his diverse background, and he plays a large role in encouraging project teams to be creative in their decisions and approach to design solutions.

“The leading edge of sustainable design will continue to be pushed by visionary designers and owners who take the longer, more holistic view of sustainable building and its return on investment.”

Matthew's Projects