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Austin, TX

Megan Mackenzie



  • Architecture
  • K-12 Schools
  • Workplace
  • Senior Associate
Megan Mackenzie
  • Senior Associate

“I love to innovate, research, and refine the best ways to make inspiring and beautiful spaces.”

As a project manager, Megan is recognized for a high level of attention to detail and effective communication. Megan embraces community design committees and workshops as a way to fully understand the way the building can enhance or be in the background of daily activities, as the activities require. She has experience in both K-12 education and workplace design, serving clients such as Tacoma School District and Boeing.

“With each iteration of design, there is a feedback loop between architects, engineers, interior designers, owners, jurisdictions, and user groups. With each cycle through a design problem, the solution becomes more solid, more refined, and in line with the goals for the project.”

Megan is active in the community and has collaborated with peers on a pro-bono project in Kenya for the Kizimani organization to create an adult-education vocational school serving the community of Kangundo.

Megan's Projects