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Washington, D.C.

Michael Minton



  • Architecture
  • Federal
  • Senior Associate
Michael Minton
  • Senior Associate

Michael Minton is DLR Group’s Federal Market leader. In this role he interfaces with contacts within Federal agencies to develop design solutions for projects domestically and internationally. He is a highly respected public sector architect and brings a wealth of design and construction experience in the delivery of large, complex federal projects.

"A global design leader is someone who has been there, and is going there. You’ve been there and you’ve established your brand. You’re going there because your brand worked."

Based in Washington, DC, he has more than 25 years of experience as a senior architect for the Department of State and has managed the design of significant international projects including embassies in Moscow, Rome, Paris and Madrid. Michael collaborates with experts in DLR Group’s Education, Healthcare, Justice+Civic, Hospitality, Retail, and Workplace studios to bring specialized expertise to the unique project opportunities in the Federal Market.

"The best advice I received came from my dad and it was really more a learning experience. When I was in high school, I drove a ’72 Olds Toronado. Starting it every morning was a daily exercise. I would try to start it and with the starter whining and the battery slowly draining, my dad would barrel out of the garage door and yell "Pump it! Now! Pump it hard!” which meant pump the gas pedal. And sure enough, it would start. So today, whenever inertia is dragging things down, I say to myself, Pump it!"

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