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Seattle, WA

Michael Vander Ploeg



  • Architecture
  • Workplace
  • Senior Associate
Michael Vander Ploeg
  • Senior Associate

Michael’s passion for design stems from his genuine curiosity and enthusiasm for the world we inhabit. As an architect and researcher, he is interested in finding better solutions to make our built environment safe, productive and fun through technology, construction, and data. Michael’s interest in the correlation between how we work and the spaces we work in, are driving him to be at the forefront of workplace, hospitality, and retail design. His working relationship with companies such as Google, Boeing, Facebook, and F5 have allowed Michael to implement successful design strategies for a wide range of corporate paradigms.

"Design has the potential to elevate the human experience in every aspect of our lives. That potential is what keeps me passionate about what I do. Design can quite literally change people – make them healthier, safer, and happier."

Michael Is currently researching new ways to collect sensor data from built environments in order to make them more sustainable, enjoyable, and healthier. In addition to this research, he is also working on methods for fabricating new prototype spaces and interactive design installations that engage technology clients with the communities they live and work in.

“The most satisfying aspect of working at DLR Group is how my work and passions align. I get excited about what I do – it keeps me up at night but also gets me back out of bed in the morning.”