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New York, NY

Missy Goldstein


  • Hospitality
Missy Goldstein

Missy is a business development professional responsible for seeking new business opportunities for the firm’s Hospitality studio, developing and maintaining client relationships, and promoting the firm’s work internally and externally. Her formal education in fine art, material culture, and business guided her into a career where she connects people to the finer things in life through the business of design. She has a gift for matching client preferences – spoken and unspoken – to artistic design expressions that evoke an emotional response. 

“My background is focused on the arts, and I’ve always loved design. The ability to see an initial spark of a concept come to life with a cohesive creative language inspires me.”

Missy brings an established network of connections to the role, having previously served as an art consultant for the hospitality industry. She is based in New York City and is a member of the hospitality industry network’s NEWH New York chapter.