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Cleveland, OH

Monica Green



  • Architecture
  • Civic
  • Principal
Monica Green
  • Principal

Monica is a passionate and dedicated champion for sustainability. She doesn’t view environmental responsibility as an afterthought or a checklist. Rather, she believes environmental stewardship is the culmination of a multitude of decisions and a commitment to the better future.

“Monica embodies the conscience of sustainable design. She lives and acts according to her values and beliefs that environmental responsibility is not merely a spreadsheet, but a physical, social, and moral imperative.” – DLR Group Senior Principal Paul Westlake

Monica played a key role in combining sustainability concepts with historic preservation in the rehabilitation of the Metzenbaum U.S. Courthouse for the GSA. She continues to pioneer sustainable applications in the field of Preservation and considers each project, publication, and presentation and fuel for her sustainable passion.

Her role on projects include advancing standards of specifications through materials research, advising on contracts for design services with both clients and consultants, and implementing the quality assurance process.

Monica serves on the Ohio Architects Board and works with NCARB on the ARE 5.0 Item Development Committee.

Monica's Projects