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New York, NY

Patrick Barrett


  • Architecture
  • Performing Arts
  • Senior Associate
Patrick  Barrett
  • Senior Associate
“I enjoy the fact that each project has its own unique challenges but that they all share a set of baseline problems to be solved.”

Patrick is a senior theater design specialist who works out of DLR Group’s New York office. He focuses on planning spaces and designing systems for the performing arts that support a wide range of performances.

"The common thread that ties all of my favorite projects together is that they all had a knowledgeable and fiercely dedicated owner. A true commitment to a project, in my experience, always leads to success.”

As a theatrical designer, Patrick’s work is rooted in understanding how end users will operate in the building: how the administrators, performers, technicians, and audience members will function within the space, and how the space and equipment can support a variety of disparate functions.


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