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Riverside, CA

Patti Ashton


  • K-12 Schools
Patti Ashton
"I love working on a project from start to finish, assisting with site selection, approvals through California Department of Education, application submittals to the Office of Public School Construction, and finally, approval by the State Allocation Board. It's like raising a child from cradle to adulthood."

Patti is a K-12 Educational Funding Specialist and an instrumental part of the DLR Group K-12 Education Team. She brings values to school district clients by identifying and pursuing potential funding sources for use in completing education projects.

She guides school district clients through the intricate procedures and requirements of the California Department of Education, the Office of Public School Construction, the Division of State Architect, and the Department of Toxic Substances Control. As a former school facilities director, Patti fully understands issues like board agenda deadlines, project budgeting, project timelines, and district politics from the school district's perspective.

"The value I bring is providing short and long term strategies in order to complete a successful and aggressive capital improvement program."

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