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Omaha, NE

Paul Fisher



  • Engineering
  • K-12 Schools
  • Sports
  • Senior Associate
Paul Fisher
  • Senior Associate

"My goal in design is to eliminate environmental distractions from the client’s consciousness. When occupants can avoid being preoccupied with their surroundings, their focus can be on achieving their inspirations and goals."

Paul has been a mechanical engineer specializing in HVAC design since 2001. He has been involved with numerous projects assessing educational facilities for energy improvements as well as equipment replacement. Paul's broad-based knowledge and his dedication to problem-solving enable him to provide critical input and insight early in the design process - resulting in cost-effective design solutions focused on the overall betterment of the project. He is  a LEED Accredited Professional and has been involved with projects that received LEED Gold certification.

"As an engineer, I am cognizant to the fact that our work touches generations of lives. My designs incorporate energy-efficiency technology along with renewable resources to provide quality thermal comfort while finding opportunities for positive environmental impact to our communities."

Paul's Projects