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Overland Park, KS

Peter Muther


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Peter Muther

Peter leads business development for DLR Group Sports across the country. He works with collegiate athletic departments and professional organizations to ensure facilities meet the needs of athletes and fans, and provide long term value for institutions and owners.

“The best part of my job, just as in sports, is executing the process. I enjoy gathering input, identifying a client's needs, and collaborating with DLR Group Sports designers to elevate the student-athlete and fan experience and impact a sports organization for the long-term.”

Peter has been involved in sports at some level the majority of his life. He played football at the University of Tulsa and with the Frankfurt Galaxy in NFL Europe.  He worked in multiple roles at the University of Kansas Athletics Department for more than10 years prior to joining DLR Group.

“The design industry is a perfect parallel to sports. There are winners and losers. Planning, collaboration, hard work, and total commitment are a requirement for success.  And my desire to compete and win is fulfilled every day.”