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Seattle, WA

Scott Kruse



  • Architecture
  • Retail+Mixed-Use
  • Workplace
  • Senior Principal
  • Northwest Region Leader
Scott Kruse
  • Senior Principal
  • Northwest Region Leader

Scott is DLR Group's Northwest Region Leader, with executive responsibility for firm operations and client services. Growing up in Iowa, Scott gained an appreciation for design working with his father, a residential contractor. That exposure to the art of building led him to architecture. Since beginning his career in 1981, Scott has grown a passion for leading with integrated project teams and ensuring all team members have the support and resources they need to create success for clients.

Scott's early work included architecture and project management for large Air Force hangars, K-12 schools, and retail developments. He has collaborated with team members across the firm to establish and later evolve architectural standards and design processes. Scott is a trusted mentor who guides younger staff in adopting DLR Group practices in design, project management, and quality assurance. He also works effectively with senior level clients in the strategic planning, scheduling, and implementation of large, complex projects, often on short timelines.

"Scott Kruse is a respected leader throughout the firm. He leads with an assured demeanor whether while managing a project, presenting a proposal, or delivering the message" - DLR Group Senior Associate Jim Beckett

Scott's work includes management and leadership of hundreds of projects for Boeing. This work ranges from design of a new 2.1 million SF office building to consolidate the workforce driving the burgeoning 777 program, to creating Boeing's new world-class Everett Delivery Center. Scott also has a deep portfolio of retail/mixed-use experience for the nation's leading retail developers and he is a key member of the design team for Google's growing engineering campus in Kirkland.

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