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Overland Park, KS

Bob Carlson



  • Architecture
  • Mixed-Use
  • Sports
  • Principal
Bob Carlson
  • Principal
"My best ideas start as doodles and analysis diagrams to gain an understanding of the design problem. For me, drawing is thinking and pencils are the world's best portable problem solver."

Bob is an award-winning designer who has a unique ability to visualize a client's goal, sketch a concept, and design a solution that exceeds expectations. He is very hands-on and encourages active involvement with the client and all disciplines throughout the integrated design process.

"I believe in team work. When the team rallies around the idea—the design and the project—my job is incredibly fun."

Bob’s primary focus is in sports facility design for professional and collegiate clients. In addition to more than 20 baseball park projects, Bob has designed soccer facilities, football stadiums, and arenas at Creighton University, Penn State University, University of Florida, University of Nebraska, and University of Southern California. He is an expert in motorsports design, and has created some of the most innovative attractions and amenities that bring fans closer to the action on race day.

Since 2011, Bob has worked with a K-9 school in Torbeck, Haiti. He has designed classrooms, a kitchen and dining hall, and enlists the help of local tradesmen to complete projects. Through these experiences, Bob found that a pencil sketch of an idea, or a construction detail, can take the place of a shared language.