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Cleveland, OH

Ronald Reed



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Ronald Reed
  • Principal

“I believe that as people are increasingly immersed in a culture of technology and bombarded at every turn by information, the greater the need becomes to find places of respite from what can be sensory overload. If our architecture addresses and supports the needs of technology but also encourages people to stay in touch with the elemental experiences offered by the natural environment, we as designers have done a great service to the inhabitants of our work.”

Ron’s commitment to design excellence is evident in all his undertakings. His work has been recognized by his peers with multiple design awards from the American Institute of Architects and the International Interior Design Association. He was elected to the College of Fellows for distinctive contributions in the field of design. His innovative uses of materials and his ability to bring dignity and elegance to projects of relatively modest means has been the hallmark of his career.

Ron works diligently to cultivate and promote design excellence within the profession. He is a frequent guest lecturer and serves on Kent State University’s Advisory Board for the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. He’s considered a mentor to many emerging and seasoned designers within the firm.

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