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Cleveland, OH

Stephanie Banfield



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Stephanie Banfield
  • Principal

“DLR Group’s interdisciplinary design process results in the most efficient, elegant, and integral of solutions.”

Stephanie is an experienced structural design and project development engineer. She has used a broad range of framing schemes and foundation systems to achieve cost effective solutions. Her experience includes new construction, the integration of new works with existing structures as well as the adaptive reuse and reconstruction of existing buildings.

“Many times we work on historic buildings where few to no existing drawings are available. I love poking and prodding to uncover the existing structure and piecing together the history of any past renovation work. It is so vital to fully understand an existing structure before proceeding with any kind of renovation work.”

She points to the renovation of the Thomas Jefferson Building as an example where the firm worked within the full gamut of disciplines to find the least intrusive way to insert a new egress stair within the historic stack collection of the famous Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building.

Stephanie's Projects