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Seattle, WA

Todd Ferking



  • Architecture
  • K-12 Schools
  • Principal
Todd Ferking
  • Principal
"When I was a young designer, my mentor challenged my design, identifying parts that were nonessential. He told me to ‘shake it. If something falls off, get rid of it or find a way that it becomes an essential element.' I have been shaking buildings in my mind ever since."

Todd lives for school design. Since joining DLR Group in 2000, he has become recognized as an expert in forming spaces that enable student-focused learning and take advantage of new and emerging technologies in the learning process. Passionate about collaborating with educators and students in thinking critically about educational practices, he is adept at identifying what's working at a school, what could be working better, and how spaces and architecture can better support current practices.

"I really enjoy the opportunity to work with people of varying interests and backgrounds. If I do my job well, I get to become a teacher, a programmer, an entrepreneur. I can't think of another profession that allows you to experience the careers of others."

Todd's work includes partnering with Marysville School District in reimagining the high school environment as an advanced campus of interconnected learning spaces. The design for the Marysville Getchell Campus contributed to increasing the district's graduation rate by 20 percent and earned the highest award for school design, Association for Learning Environments' James D. MacConnell Award. At the MUSE school in Malibu, Calif., his design helped transform an aging former youth camp into a zero-waste, net-zero learning campus that provides Reggio-inspired education at one of the world's most sustainable schools.

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